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Fire is awesome. It's awesome when controlled fireworks and explosions light up the sky bringing entertainment to viewers everywhere. But it's also awesomely destructive, and can easily destroy everything you have been working towards.

That's why we are here. Extinguisher Hire Ltd don't just hire out extinguishers to ensure your business or event conforms to national fire safety regulations. We do much more. We make sure you can stop any disasters from occuring, but should the worst happen, we'll make sure you are prepared.

We specialise in:

  • Hiring extinguishers of course! Whether you're in Greater Manchester, Derbyshire or anywhere across the North West, we'll deliver the highest standard of extinguishers straight to your door.
  • If you're thinking long term fire protection, we can also supply you with quality extinguishers and any other safety equipment you might require. From Tameside to Blackpool, Bolton to Derby, we'll bring you the supplies you need.
  • And then we'll make sure everything stays in perfect working order, just in case the worst should happen, with our regular checks, inspections and maintenance programme. From our base in Glossop we can easily reach anywhere in the North West, Derbyshire, West
    Yorkshire or the Midlands.
  • We also have the ability to travel nationwide to any important event where fire safety and cover is required. From sporting competitions to music festivals, big events mean large crowds and often lots of electrical equipment; we'll be there to ensure any problems are
    swiftly resolved!
  • Our expertise in health and safety risk management will also be essential to your business or event, as we ensure you have the best protections in place and that everything conforms to government standards. We'll help you stop fires and fines!
  • Why not also try one of our fire safety courses too? From fire marshal training to first aid classes, we can help your staff be confident and competent to deal with any situation that may arise.

If you're in need of any of the above, or if you just don't know what you need, then get in touch today. We can assess your business or event and tell you exactly what is required to protect you.

Remember, fire is dangerous. Fire kills. But, fires can be prevented. And they can be extinguished. And, lives can be saved. Extinguisher Hire Ltd is here to help.



Coronation Street Factory Siege - we were there!



Extinguisher Hire supplied the fire cover for this memorable episode of Coronation Street. All fires were extinguished using our equipment (pictures used with the permission of ITV).


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