Fire extinguisher maintenance in the UK

Here at Extinguisher Hire Ltd, we understand the importance of regular fire extinguisher maintenance and this is why our service engineers offer a comprehensive service for fire extinguishers in all regions of the UK.  Keep your extinguishers serviced on a regular basis and they are ready to fight fires in the event of an emergency. Servicing a fire extinguisher is proactive and makes perfect sense, we can do this for you for your own peace of mind.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Essential extinguisher maintenance is a key to ensuring that should the worst happen and you need to use it, you can rely on your extinguisher to function as it should.

Here at Extinguisher Hire Ltd. we recommend that your extinguishers are maintained on an annual basis in order to make sure that they operate effectively should you need them.

All our supplied and hired extinguishers are serviced before we deliver them, but if you have them longer than a year, then you should always get them checked. We'll even check older extinguishers which you may have in you business, in order to make sure they perform to industry standards.

We travel across the North West and Derbyshire visiting our existing customers to check their equipment, and will come out to your business on a regular basis to ensure your equipment is ready when you really need it.

Expert servicing

Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance to BS standards.

Qualified engineers

Annual fire extinguisher maintenance by competent staff.

Hired or bought

We service all fire extinguishers, hired, bought - new or old.

Foam, C02 or Powder

Any type of fire extinguisher serviced and maintained.

Looking for annual fire extinguisher maintenace?

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